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CC2 Symbols


The FR Atlas contains over 500 symbols created for use with CC2, including overland, urban, floorplan and dungeon symbols. Some of these are also found in Campaign Mapper, the ProFantasy map maker included with AD&D Core Rules 2.0. These symbols were created by the combined efforts of Wizards of the Coast artist Rob Lazeratti and ProFantasy’s in-house team (primarily Linda Kekumu) A  small selection of the available symbols is shown in the example below.

The only way to get all these symbols is to buy the FR Atlas.





The catalogs include everything from a compass rose to handcuffs, a hand in a jar to a trampoline. They are colorful and attractive. They include everything we needed to map out an entire world.


We think that for CC2 users, these symbols alone make the FR Atlas a worthwhile purchase.


Furniture Symbols Examples

The catalog includes furniture for libraries, inns and shops.

Overland Symbol Examples

A complete alternative to CC2’s symbols is included.

City Symbol Examples

Fortifications, inns, houses and temples are included.


These examples are just a small selection of those available.


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