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The Atlas was only around for a year or so It sold many thousands of copies. For lots of reasons, most of which no longer apply, the Atlas was never republished.

We, and many other Forgotten Realms Atlas fans, would like to see the Atlas again, or even see a new Atlas. If you'd like to add your name to the petition, click on the banner, above. When we have enough signatures, we'll forward the petition to Wizards of the Coast. More>>


Atlas Overview

The Forgotten Realms Interactive Atlas (FR Atlas) contains over 800 hot-linked maps of the largest and most successful RPG campaign ever. Every map has been beautifully rendered using CC2 Pro, ProFantasy Software’s mapping program. It’s a great resource for Realms fans and other gamers alike. Almost the entire Realms has been detailed, including many never-before-seen areas created specially for the FR Atlas.

The FR Atlas Box

Navigation is easy. Using the powerful globe feature, you can quickly select continents. Click on marked areas to open up whole countries. Select the cities to see the city maps. Even the important individual buildings have been detailed.

Because the maps are in vector format, you can zoom in with no loss of detail. You can print maps at any size, with secret features hidden if you wish.

You can edit the maps using CC2, or with AD&D Core Rules 2.0 Campaign Mapper. The FR Atlas also contains over 500 symbols for CC2 users.

CC3 versions of the symbols are available from the Support page.


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