Cartographer's Annual 2024

The Cartographer's Annual 2024

Take your maps in new directions with the Cartographer's Annual 2024. Subscribe now and you’ll get 12 varied issues of stimulating styles, tools and maps to feed and inspire your inner cartographer.

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2024 Content

This is our 18th annual and many of our customers have repeatedly subscribed from the beginning. Every year we balance the content so that the Cartographer's Annual is excellent value no matter how you use CC3+.

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The annual comes in twelve instalments, delivered monthly via email and your ProFantasy registration. You can subscribe at any time during the year, with immediate access to the months already released.

At the end of the year we also roll the annual into a single downloadable volume. Previous volumes are listed and available to the left.


... Can't wait to get my hands on it, frankly. Each month of the annual has proven more and more valuable. Still remains the best investment I've made for my games outside of the core game books, EVAR.

Dru Albright
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