Cartographer's Annual 2019

Cartographer's Annual 2019 Content

Overland Worlds of Wonder style


For the January issue of the Cartographer's Annual 2019 we present a new overland style from CC3+ based on some beautiful bitmap textures combined with vector symbols for both quick and beautiful map-making.

Overland Worlds of Wonder style

The style and tutorial pack Worlds of Wonder contains all the templates, symbols and tools for you to create beautiful maps, and the accompanying mapping guide/tutorial includes a detailed look at how to contruct such overland maps.

The style pack Worlds of Wonder includes

  • 1 new overland drawing style
  • 30 new drawing tools
  • 2 new templates (imperial and metric)
  • 120 new symbols in 7 catalogs
  • 7 new bitmap fills
  • 1 4-page mapping guide
  • 2 example maps (PNG and FCW format)
  • 1 new effect setting


A set of symbols to create isometric city streets or neighborhoods. Created by Sue Daniel as true 3D designs, these symbols are aimed at making isometric street layouts quick and easy to construct.

Isometric Streets Development Sample

The symbols are designed based on real-world Tudor-style houses and will fit together seamlessy at various angles, allowing the user to create streets lined by adjoining houses.

The symbol pack Isometric Streets includes:

  • Details to be announced.
Science Fiction Base Example


A gorgeous set of sci-fi themed maps depicting an base on a hostile planet showing both above and underground levels. These can be used even without Cosmographer 3 as ready made battle maps.

Science Fiction Base Example

The accompanying mapping guide explains how to use the deckplan style that comes with Cosmographer to draw non-starship floorplans, like the included example.

The map pack Hostile Environment Base includes

  • Four high-detail maps in DM and player versions (FCW, PNG and PDF formats).
  • 4-page mapping guide

Further ahead

To be announced.

This is our 13th annual and many of our customers have repeatedly subscribed from the beginning. Every year we balance the content so that the Cartographer's Annual is excellent value no matter how you use CC3+.


The annual comes in twelve issues, delivered by download. To access the downloads, subscribe for the year and then add the serial number you receive to your ProFantasy registration. All available issues are immediately downloadable.

At the end of the year we roll the twelve issues into a single downloadable volume, also available from your registration.