Cartographer's Annual 2018

The Cartographer's Annual 2018

Example Map 1

November ’18

The November issue brings you a new city drawing style for Asian-style towns, based on the artwork of Sue Daniel. To combines with the September Annual issue for a comprehensive city style.

Example Map 2

Based on the artwork of the Japanese temples Annual issue (September), the Asian Towns style adds more symbols for "normal" town houses, farms, and noble housing, and incorporates everything into one big collection of city material. The 6-page mapping shows you how to construct a town using these assets.

The map pack Asian Towns includes

  • 1 new drawing style by Sue Daniel
  • 2 new template wizards (imperial and metric)
  • 33 new symbols in 2 catalogs
  • 61 new drawing tools
  • 1 example map (FCW and PNG)
  • 1 new effect settings
  • 3 new CD3 house settings
  • 10 new CD3 street settings
  • 1 6-page mapping guide