Cartographer's Annual 2018

The Cartographer's Annual 2018

Bridge Diorama drawing

July ’18

To celebrate the imminent release of Dioramas 3 contains an elaborate Diorama drawing, along with a detailed tutorial on how to construct such a model from scratch. The bridge that can be build from this issue can be constructed in multiple sections to allow for different lengths.

Assembled 3D bridge

THe 9-page mapping guide takes you from planning the model through drawing and printing it to assembling it with craft knife and glue bottle. It also previews a couple of the new bitmap textures included in Dioramas 3.

The map and tutorial pack Bridge Diorama includes

  • 1 new Dioramas example drawing (FCW and PDF)
  • 1 9-page mapping tutorial
  • 7 intermediate tutorial drawings
  • 1 new drawing template
  • 1 example map (FCW and PNG)