Cartographer's Annual 2018

The Cartographer's Annual 2018

Example Map Sarnath City

December ’18

The December issue contains a tool pack to create large starship or space station deckplans very quickly, by designing and using geomorphic deckplan tiles. Each tile fits a 20m by 20m area and contains functions like the bridge, cargo space or a gun battery. The December issue contains a dozen example tiles and the templates to create as many more as you want, using Cosmographer 3.

Example Map Detail

The Deckplan Geomorphs tool pack was inspired by the work of Robert Pearce on his Yet Another Traveller Blog, where he provides just such a collection of geomorph tiles for Traveller's signature black and white deckplans.

The tool pack Deckplan Geomorphs includes

  • 4 new templates for geomorphic starship/space station deckplans
  • 1 new drawing wizard template
  • 13 example geomorph tiles
  • 2 example maps (FCW and PNG)
  • 1 new effect setting
  • 1 new symbol catalog with 13 geomorph tiles as symbols
  • 1 5-page mapping guide