Cartographer's Annual 2017

The Cartographer's Annual 2017

Example map in CC3 Basic City style

June ’17

The June issue coincides with the release of the Random City tool by Lee Saunders for CC3+ and contains ane extensive tutorial on this very handy command. Originally created for CC3 and City Designer 3, the random city tool can also be used with the basic city style contained in CC3+.

Example map in CD3 Bitmap B style

The Random City command lets you create a basic city with just a few mouse clicks, which in turn can serve as a basis for a much more detailed city map. The included mapping guide both explains the Random City command in detail and highlights commands and procedures to customize and expand the resulting maps.

The tutorial pack Random Cities includes

  • 1 setup for the Randcom Cities command (CITY) by Lee Saunders
  • 9-page mapping guide (tutorial)
  • 2 example maps (PNG and FCW format)