Cartographer's Annual 2017

The Cartographer's Annual 2017

Example map in Parchment Maps style

August ’17

The August issue brings you a new/expanded overland drawing style based on the 2015 "Classic Fantasy" style, with inspirations from the work by Gary Warburton - Dungeon Master Gaz on the ProFantasy forum.

Example map in Parchment Maps style

The "Parchment Maps" style works in conjunction with "Classic Fantasy" to double the number of available symbols, extends the color choices and offers more parchments textures for greater variety. It also contains a 4-page mapping guide walking you through the creation of a complete map.

The style pack Parchment Maps includes

  • 1 new drawing style
  • 37 new drawing tools
  • 2 new templates (imperial and metric)
  • 117 new symbols in 7 catalogs
  • 7 new parchment background
  • 1 4-page mapping guide
  • 1 example map (PNG and FCW format)
  • 1 new effect setting
  • 1 new striping effect image
  • 3 new hatch styles
  • 2 new true type fonts