Cartographer's Annual 2016

The Cartographer's Annual 2016

City Streets: Example 1

September ’16

The September issue of the Annual 2016 brings you a wonderful new style by Alyssa Faden: City Streets. It allows you to map city scenes in vivid detail, with beautiful roof and street textures. You can of course also map whole cities in this style.

City Streets: Example Detail

The "City Streets" style uses high-res bitmap textures and a variety of city symbols. If you own City Designer 3, you can use it's predefined house and street settings to create buildings of any shape and design. The mapping guide takes you through the steps of drawing a whole city scene in detail.

The style pack City Streets includes

  • 1 new drawing style by Alyssa Faden
  • 45 new symbols in 1 catalog
  • 36 new drawing tools
  • 2 new templates (imperial and metric)
  • 17 new bitmap fills
  • 2 new street settings (imperial and metric)
  • 30 new house settings (imperial and metric)
  • 1 4-page mapping guide
  • 2 example maps (PNG and FCW format)
  • 2 new effect settings (imperial and metric)