Cartographer's Annual Vol 8

The Cartographer's Annual Vol 8

Krom Village Diorama

December ’14

The December Annual 2014 brought two awe-inspiring member of the ProFantasy community together: Old Krom and Joachim de Ravenbel. They teamed up to create a complete Dioramas paper-model village, which a huge number of new bitmap fills and symbols, plus the template and tools to create your own buildings.

Village Diorama Sheet

Seven beautiful buildings, hundreds of detailed symbols, dozen of tools and bitmap fills - the list of material in this issue is amazing. And Joachim takes you through both assembling a building and constructing a new one in the 17-page mapping guide.

The map pack Krom's Village Diorama includes

  • 1 complete, ready-to-build paper model village with 7 buildings (PDF and FCW format)
  • 1 new drawing style with 58 drawing tools
  • 1 new template
  • 645 new symbols in 5 catalogs
  • 55 new bitmap fills
  • 1 10-page assembly
  • 1 9-page mapping guide