Cartographer’s Annual Vol 5

The Cartographer's Annual Vol 5

FT3 Climate Shader

Special Issue ’11

As the June issue of the Annual 2011 was released to the general public for free, we provide subscribers with a second December-issue to round out their subscription. This special issue contains a set of climate textures for use in both Fractal Terrains 3 and CC3.

CC3 Climate Map

17 seamlessly tiling bitmap textures created from real-world satellite photos let you both display FT3 worlds in a complete new look, as well as create a whole new style of climate maps in CC3. The mapping guide explains how to use the textures in either software.

The tool pack Climate Textures includes

  • 17 all-new bitmap textures of various climate types
  • One set of Texture jpgs for use with FT3 textured climate shader
  • One set of bitmap fill styles using these textures for use in CC3, including a fill style reference FCW for easy import into existing styles and maps
  • 20 new drawing tools using these bitmap fills for easy insertion into any existing style
  • 1 example CC3 maps (FCW and PNG format)
  • 1 example FT3 world
  • 1 3-page mapping guide