Cartographer's Annual 2007
Example City CD3

The Cartographer's Annual Vol 1

April ’08

The April issue of 2008 the Cartographer's Annual contains a detailed example map created with the upcoming City Designer 3 add-on. The full-featured map contains a small sample of CD3 symbols and shows the effect of the new automated roof-shading and house command features.

Example City Detail

It also contains a number of new bitmaps fills, new drawing tools , detailed sheet effect guide and a short description of the depicted city.

The map pack CD3 Example City includes

  • 1 Example City Map "Gwynnin"
  • 1 3-page pdf Sheet and Effects guide
  • 1 3-page pdf City Description
  • 4 CD3 Example Symbols
  • 12 CD3 Example Bitmap fills
  • 1 new drawing style
  • 25 new drawing tools
  • 1 new template wizard
  • 1 new template