Cartographer's Annual Vol 1

The Cartographer's Annual Vol 1

Template Example 1

July ’07

The July issue of the Cartographer's Annual includes templates, tools and symbols to create maps of caves and caverns ... in two diffrent styles. One features Dungeon Designer 3 artwork, while the other is completely new and creates modern-type maps, including cut-away views.

Cave Example 2

Specialised templates and drawing tools make creating cave maps much quicker and easier, and the new symbols reproduce official cave mapping standards. A mapping guide gives detailed advice on how to draw realistic-looking caves and create matching side views of your tunnel systems.

For larger examples see the Gallery.

Cave Example 3

The Map Pack collection Caves & Caverns includes (subject to change):

  • 1 pdf Mapping Guide
  • Example maps (fcw and pdf format)
  • New template wizards
  • New templates
  • New bitmap fills
  • New symbols