Cartographer's Annual Vol 1

The Cartographer's Annual Vol 1

John Speed City Style Example

February ’07

The February '07 issue of the Cartographer's Annual provides a style to emulate the famous town and city maps of British cartographer John Speed (1542-1629). As a historian trying to document the settlement of his homeland, he was the first to map many of the British isles' counties and towns and his legacy endures today in a large number of beautiful prints.

John Speed City Style Example

The style pack will enable you create beautiful black-and-white maps of any type of settlement, that capture the flair and detail of John Speed's cartographic work. Quick and ink-saving to print, the maps will make gorgeous handouts for your players or both artistic and informative illustrations for your game supplements.

The style pack "John Speed City" includes

  • 1 pdf Mapping Guide
  • 2 example maps plus 8 intermediate guide example steps
  • 146 symbols (split over 6 catalogs and many containing 4 different directional versions of the same symbol)
  • 28 drawing tools
  • 1 effect settings
  • 6 templates
  • 1 template wizard
  • 1 true type font