We’ve just released the March Annual issue: Flavio’s Myrr Overland style is now available as a download for the Annual subscribers.

His beautiful and unique overland style is based on intricate bitmap texture and shaded contours, as you can see from this sample:
CA75 Myrr Dominion

You can subscribe to the current Annual here.

We’re a bit earlier this time around, so I don’t have a full month of user maps to round up. The tally is still very impressive, as well as the skill and imagination of our users.

Krom continued his series of Diorama buildings created from DD3 resources, with this beautiful village temple.
Temple Diorama

KenG drew this beautiful floor plan of some manor house stables, including artwork from DD3, the CSUAC and the Dundjinni forums.
Manor House Stables
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We’ve gone into 2013 and our community shows no sign of letting up with the barrage of wonderful user maps. Here’s the roundup for January!

KenG was inspired by KROM’s wonderful close-up maps/paintings done in the Herwin Wielink overland style. The result is this beautiful local map.
Local Map
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I’m a bit late – due to the holidays and the release of the new Annual – but I don’t want to keep December’s beautiful new creations of the Profantasy user community from you.

Moskva very slightly missed the November round-up, so the first draft at his nice Hurland Country Map didn’t make it last time. This is kinda fortunate, because you can now see it in full detail!
Country Map
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It’s time to take another look at the beautiful user maps posted on the Profantasy forum. The numbers have risen again, and it’s possible I may accidentally skip the occasional map. Check out the Show and Tell category on the forum to see them all!

Henrie61 created this map of the Flow Country in Djekspek’s overland style from the Annual 2012
The Flow Country

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I’m not sure I can handle the flood of beautiful new user maps posted on the Profantasy forum. I may have to go weekly instead of monthly in the future. I certainly hope I didn’t miss anything.

Anomiecoalition awed everybody with this beautiful floorplan of an Al-Quadim style temple. Check out the forum thread for the second floor!

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More and more beautiful user maps are appearing on the Profantasy forum, if you’re not regularly following the posts there, here is an overview:

Grimur Fjeldsted has updated his Naturns city map, done in the Jon Roberts Cities style.
Naturns City Map

Forum member HadrianIV has created this beautiful regional map “Sea of Tears” in the Herwin Wielink overland style.
Sea of Tears

Community member soldyne created this map of the “World River” as his very first map in CC3.
World River

Henrie61 drew this “quick and dirty” town map to try our the Jon Roberts Cities style and was impressed how quickly you can create a beautiful map this way.
Generic Town Map

The Jon Roberts Cities style seems very popular as shown by the “Yellowmire” map created by Dargurd. The unusual, swampy location of the city comes acress very well.

In a change of pace Modric created this black and white map of “Avern” and added a great parchment style filter for a great player handout. The style used is from the Cartographer’s Annual Vol 2.

And last but not least, forum member anomiecoalition drew this neat little Al Quadim-flavoured dungeon, using resources from DD3, the CSUAC art collection and Dundjinni forums.
Krak al-Shidda

Kudos to all the great maps our users have been creating!

Gerrard Serre's Town
The first thing I thought of when I saw this map by CC3 user Gerard Serre was Ultima IV, one of the greatest computer games ever made. The layout of the town could be lifted straight out of that game and I see my little pixel avatar wandering around the buildings (C)hatting up each and every passerby.

Gerard’s map is in 4 parts and done as a 25mm scale miniature battle map with Dungeon Designer 3. Overlaid with a grid and printed to scale it creates an excellent floorplan for a town skirmish.

The map files themselves can be downloaded from Profantasy’s Map & Catalog library.

Recently we added some new entries to our Profantasy user library. Check out these beautiful new additions:

1. Richard Brunke’s Last Hold map created with the Jon Roberts Overland style from this year’s Annual.
Last Hold

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