13 Mann Verlag, the publishers of the German version of Traveller, have produced a gorgeous map for the classic campaign sector the Spinward Marches – all done in Cosmographer 3.

It contains much more information than previous maps, including trade codes and information on population density and industrial capacity. Printed in full color, on laminated paper, at a size of 96cm by 68cm (about 38″ by 26.5″), it is a stunning piece of art. The map is completely in English, set up for international appeal.

And did you know? In Cosmographer 3 you can import the data of ANY official Traveller sector and build a sector map in seconds. That was the basis on which 13 Mann elaborated to create the new Spinward Marches map.

Traveller Charted SpaceBy Ralf Schemmann

We’ve been working on the new version of the Cosmographer add-on for a while, mostly because we didn’t want it to be “just” an art upgrade.  We’ve now added some very cool new features and are getting close to announcing a release date. Here are some collected previews of the different styles and features available in Cosmographer 3. Some of the images have already appeared on our blogs, others are new.


We’ve had some talented German artists (the BananaMonks) create a stunning set of  bitmap symbols for starship deckplans. Continue reading »