Old Guy Gaming (Mike Summers) has a review of Fractal Terrains 3.

He’s also written a useful tutorial on how to create dungeon geomorphs with CC, and has lots of other useful cartographic info on his site.

Fractal Terrains is so easy to use that you can literally install it and have an amazing map in a matter of minutes.


There’s a review of CC3 over on PlayDevil.com 9/10.

Below is the first map that I made using the software, and it only took me about 20 minutes- a similar drawing in Photoshop from scratch would have taken me several hours!

“…for a budding cartographer there is nothing else quite like it out there. Once you have broken into the software, creating a good standard of map becomes not only easy, but a pleasure, as you behold your beautiful creations, which can be made quickly and simply.”