We’ve decided to release six free issues of our Cartographer’s Annual to give non-subscribers a taste of what they are missing.  Three of these issues were previously released free, the others – only subscribers have seen them to date.

You can download the installation here.

All ProFantasy customers who haven’t opted out will have received a voucher valid until the end of the month with a discount from any single Annual purchase. If you haven’t received yours, email us.

Free Issues

CA04 Sarah Wroot

April 2007

The style pack Sarah Wroot Overland gives you all the tools to create maps similar to the work of master illustrator and cartographer Sarah Wroot.

Mapping Guide: Sarah Wroot Style


CA21 Battle Maps

September 2008

The map pack “Battle Maps” contains several examples, templates and instructions on how to create your own miniatures map for your gaming table.

Mapping Guide: Battle Maps


CA36B Battle Tiles

December 2009

The December special issue contains a tutorial pack on creating quick and easy geomorphic Battles Tiles, complete with video tutorials by Joseph Sweeney.

Watch Joseph Sweeney Online Tutorials on YouTube.


CA43 Hex Maps

July 2010

The style pack Overland Hex Maps gives you the winning entry of the 2010 user suggestions vote.

Mapping Guide: Hex Overland Maps


CA54 Jon Roberts Dungeons

June 2011

The style pack Jon Roberts’ Dungeons contains a new drawing style for dungeon floorplans and battlemaps.

Mapping Guide: Jon Roberts’ Dungeon


July 2012

The symbol and texture pack High Space SciFi Tiles contains hundreds of new textures and symbol, accompanied by video tutorials by Joseph Sweeney.

Watch Joseph Sweeney Online Tutorials on YouTube.


Maps and MoreRecently Profantasy has offered a batch of Unlimited Patron Licenses to our customers, as a way to get a comprehensive collection of our software, including unlimited future updates.

One of the included perks is a sample map of the customer’s campaign, done by yours truly. Now one of our patrons has decided to donate this map (or better the mapping time) to the community. To decide what this sample should be, I’m asking you for suggestions. What do you want to see mapped as a freely available resource? The map will be available for download in both CC3 and PDF formats, so that you can edit it if you own CC3 yourself, or just print it for your own game.

You can see some of my mapping work at mapsandmore.com. Let me know in the comments below or head over to the forum.

Happy mapping,