It’s time for the monthly parade of user maps posted to the ProFantasy forum – again we have some lovely work to show off, thanks to the community!

As described elsewhere, TolrendorDM finished off his 2013 Annual Challenge with this map of the “Barrens of Gorak” in the 1930′s travel guide style.
Barrens Of Gorak

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It’s been a while since we did a collection of users maps here. First the convention season didn’t leave us enough time and then the Character Artist 3 release took a lot of resources. But now we’ve been able to take a breath over the holidays, we’ve looking at the forum again and there are so many nice maps. Here’s the collection:

suntzu created this amazing set of isometric dungeon and outdoor maps with Herwin Wielink’s Isometric Dungeon style.

This beautiful little gem of a Knight’s Crypt was posted by Modric.

This interesting cave map is the result of work in DD3 and Photoshop by Avotas. It’s being created for a commercial D&D/Pathfinder adventure, therefore the grey watermark overlay.

Drednort posted a stalwart adventuring party, freshly created with Character Artist 3. You’ll find more character portraits in the forum thread when you click on the image.

While deceptively simply this black and white map of the world Maioria by Miafeya is one of my favorites. Designed for a 2-page spread in a book, it suits that purpose very well.

TolrendorDM shared several maps for his Annual 2013 challenge, you’ll find them in the thread linked through this example of the CC3 Overland Hex style.

I’m always happy to see star ships created with Cosmographer 3 and craigo730‘s Mercury-class Battlestar is no exception.

KenG shared another great dungeon map, King Ranier’s Vault with the community. And it comes with a complete adventure!
He also created this collection of boats and rafts, very useful if you need a quick way to get across that river on your battlemap!

I don’t really need to say much about Clercon’s (Pär Lindström) New Year Village map, after all he’s done several Annual styles already. But his city and village maps are always particularly impressive.

Educational use of CC3 always delights me, so I was thrilled to see languard and his students create these SciFi tiles for a boardgame of their own making.

What would a user map collection be with one of Sadizm‘s gorgeous Deadlands battle maps. A lot less exciting that’s for sure!

TolrendorDM, one of our community members over on the forum, set himself the challenge of creating a map for each and every issue of the Annual 2013.

He now completed the challenge and you can see all the of the great results over on his blog.

See the final (December) map here on the community forum:

Again, we’ve got a ton of great new user maps to present. The month goes by so quickly and still they continue to pile up. Let’s see what we’ve got…

First there is the BlindMapMaker with this gorgeous rendition of the Caribbean Sea in the Mercator Historical style. Way to start this round-up!

TolrendorDM used the May Annual style on a Pär Lindström Regional style map to depict three journeys on that map. This is exactly how I imagined the style to be used.
Three Adventures
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It’s time for our monthly look at what great maps the ProFantasy user community has produced. Let’s see what everyone has come up with!

Joachim de Ravenbel is back with this beautiful battle map of Hanin’s Chapel.
Hanin's Chapel

KROM delights once more with his Dioramas models plus floorplans. See his Mausoleum and the Kothian Houses:
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I always look forward to putting together the month’s collection of user maps from the ProFantasy forum. It’s always a parade of beautiful and interesting maps. Let’s have a look, shall we?

KenG really took my breath way with his Cistern Caves. The pipes and cisterns look extremely lifelike and were something I hadn’t seen done in CC3 yet.
Cistern Caves

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It’s time again to admire all the user maps that have popped up in the ProFantasy forum during the last four weeks.

Taking up a recent Annual issue (Pär Lindström’s regional style), Modric created this beauty of the Dwimmerheim region.
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We’re a bit earlier this time around, so I don’t have a full month of user maps to round up. The tally is still very impressive, as well as the skill and imagination of our users.

Krom continued his series of Diorama buildings created from DD3 resources, with this beautiful village temple.
Temple Diorama

KenG drew this beautiful floor plan of some manor house stables, including artwork from DD3, the CSUAC and the Dundjinni forums.
Manor House Stables
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We’ve gone into 2013 and our community shows no sign of letting up with the barrage of wonderful user maps. Here’s the roundup for January!

KenG was inspired by KROM’s wonderful close-up maps/paintings done in the Herwin Wielink overland style. The result is this beautiful local map.
Local Map
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I’m a bit late – due to the holidays and the release of the new Annual – but I don’t want to keep December’s beautiful new creations of the Profantasy user community from you.

Moskva very slightly missed the November round-up, so the first draft at his nice Hurland Country Map didn’t make it last time. This is kinda fortunate, because you can now see it in full detail!
Country Map
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