A little peek at the work-in-progress on one example map for the March Annual:

Also, a little sneak peek at the April issue:

Gerrard Serre's Town
The first thing I thought of when I saw this map by CC3 user Gerard Serre was Ultima IV, one of the greatest computer games ever made. The layout of the town could be lifted straight out of that game and I see my little pixel avatar wandering around the buildings (C)hatting up each and every passerby.

Gerard’s map is in 4 parts and done as a 25mm scale miniature battle map with Dungeon Designer 3. Overlaid with a grid and printed to scale it creates an excellent floorplan for a town skirmish.

The map files themselves can be downloaded from Profantasy’s Map & Catalog library.

The December issue of the Annual 2011 is now available. It contains a companion style to April’s “1930s Floorplans”, reproducing the city maps of 1930s Baedeker travel guides. These make perfect handouts for period horror or pulp games.
Arkham Baedeker-style

Despite this being the December issue, the 2011 Annual is not quite done yet. As we released the June issue as a free download, we’ll be adding one more issue later this month.

Street level map of Moe's DiveThe November Annual issue was released on Tuesday, providing a detailed floorplan and street map of Moe’s Dive, a generic seedy bar to use in your adventures. It also contains a combined City Designer 3/Dungeon Designer 3 template for those close-up street battle maps.

The May issue of the Cartographer’s Annual 2011 has been available since Sunday. It contains a new style to draw modern road atlas maps, both on a regional or local level:

Modern City Street Map

Modern City Street Map

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