“Lairs” Competition Entries (June 2014)

Here is the list of entries for the latest ProFantasy competition, entitled “Lairs”. We announced it to celebrate the release of Symbol Set 4: The Dungeons of Schley and Simon’s brief went as follows:
Create a small underground lair – a bandit hide out, a cave taken over by a dragon, a mine used as a cultist HQ. The whole area the map covers including map embellishments should be no more than about 100 m / 300 ft square. The best will win an unlimited patron license to all our cartography software forever; two runners up will receive vouchers.

- It can be in any style, past, modern or future.
- You have to create it with CC3, and any other ProFantasy map-making software you wish to use – annuals, symbols sets, whatever you like,
- It can include third-party art as symbols or fill styles long as that art is available for commercial use by anyone.

For large-scale versions of the competition maps, click on the images below.

#1 Troglodyte Lair
Flavio Hickel - Troglodyte Lair

#2 Tomb of the Witch-King
Gary Barker - Tomb of the Witch King

#3 The Betrayer’s Cave
Jim Street - The Betrayers Cave

#4 Kobold Lair
Kevin Mathis - Kobold Lair

#5 Brownie Bandits’ Hideout
Lee Whipple - Brownies

#6 Necromancer’s Lair
Oliver Piotrowski - Necromancers Lair

#7 Underground Fort
Paul Bernhardt - Underground Fort

#8 Wizard’s Lair
Paul Nowak - Wizards Lair

#9 Weeping Rock Springs
Mary Mosman - Weeping Rock Springs

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