Product Giveaway – Get a Symbol Set, Annual or Tome of Free

Forum member Gonzalo (pool7) has some spare ProFantasy products that he is generously giving away to the community. Post in this thread on the forum to get a chance to win a Symbol Set 1, an Annual Vol 4 or Vol 5 or a Tome of Ultimate Mapping.

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  1. I couldn’t find posts on the forums so I did not know what to post.I thought I would just take a moment to tell you about myself and my experience with Campaign Cartographer. I am a new user who started right off the bat with the top 3. I am working on my own Pathfinder Campaign and wanted to provide quality maps to my players. I have been working with the “Essentials” tutorials to get up and running, and so far I love it. With my income tax return I plan to purchase several add-ons, including Dioramas Pro and the character designer.

    Campaign Cartographer is becoming a passion for me. In the near future I plan to procure all the content ProFantasy offers.I would love to receive one of your items, as it will help me in building my library.

    Have a great day!

  2. Hi Courtney,

    If you don’t have an account in the forums, you can create one for free here:

    You can then go to the following link, read the giveaway rules and comment there which one you’d prefer to win:

  3. Thanks, Courtney – I look forward to seeing your maps in the Show and Tell in the form.

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