Cartographer's Annual 2017

The Cartographer's Annual 2017

Example map in CC3 Basic City style

July ’17

The July issue revisits the very first drawing style ever created for the Cartographer's Annual: The Mercator Historical style. Based on the works of 16th and 17th century cartographers, the style captures the flair of early exploration and the wonders of Terra Incognita - the Unknown Land.

Example map in CD3 Bitmap B style

2017's Mercator Revisited provides a whole new set of artwork, while also updating the style and accompanying mapping guide to take full advantage of CC3+. If you own the Annual Vol 1 with the original style, the old symbols will be incorporated in this new style, doubling the amoung of available symbols.

The style pack Mercator Revisited includes

  • 1 reworked drawing style "Mercator Revisited" with 25 drawing tools
  • 2 template wizards (imperial and metric) and 4 templates
  • 2 example maps (in FCW and PNG format)
  • 82 new symbols in 8 catalogs
  • 7 bitmap fills
  • 1 effect settings
  • 1 true type font
  • 1 new master filter
  • 1 7-page mapping guide