The Cartographer's Annual 2017
Cartographer's Annual 2017

The Cartographer's Annual 2017

Example map in CC3 Basic City style

July ’17

The July issue revisits the very first drawing style ever created for the Cartographer's Annual: The Mercator Historical style. Based on the works of 16th and 17th century cartographers, the style captures the flair of early exploration and the wonders of Terra Incognita - the Unknown Land.

Example map in CD3 Bitmap B style

2017's Mercator Revisited provides a whole new set of artwork, while also updating the style and accompanying mapping guide to take full advantage of CC3+. If you own the Annual Vol 1 with the original style, the old symbols will be incorporated in this new style, doubling the amoung of available symbols.

The style pack Mercator Revisited includes

  • 1 reworked drawing style "Mercator Revisited" with 25 drawing tools
  • 2 template wizards (imperial and metric) and 4 templates
  • 2 example maps (in FCW and PNG format)
  • 82 new symbols in 8 catalogs
  • 7 bitmap fills
  • 1 effect settings
  • 1 true type font
  • 1 new master filter
  • 1 7-page mapping guide