Cartographer's Annual 2015

The Cartographer's Annual 2015

Sea Temple battle map

December ’15

The December Annual 2015 includes a big tutorial pack on creating "Deluxe" battle maps, meaning encounter map drawing on techniques, tools and artwork beyond the immediately available for a default drawing style. Many of these tips, tricks and suggestions derive from the work on Pelgrane Press' Battle Scenes source books.

Sewers battle map

Topics of the accompanying mapping guide include combining assets from different styles, custom artwork, working with water effects, showing elevation and cliff faces, creating multiple layers in one map, and lighting effects. The Annual issue also comes with 4 large-scale, highly-detailed battle maps showcasing these techniques.

The tutorial pack Deluxe Battle Maps includes

  • 1 8-page tutorial covering various topics on how to expand your battle map creation
  • 4 high-detail, large-scale example maps (FCW, PDF and PNG formats)
  • 5 bitmap fill collections
  • 2 template wizards (metric and imperial) for CC3+