Cartographer's Annual 2015

The Cartographer's Annual 2015

River Gorge

Bonus Issue ’15

The Annual 2015 bonus issue is a follow-up from the December "Deluxe Battle Maps", and includes six more, highly detailed battle maps created with the techniques described in that issue's mapping guide. All of them have been professionally produced for Pelgrane Press' Battle Scenes source books by Ralf Schemmann and come both in CC3+'s own format and as high-resolution PNG bitmap files.

Forest Path

Raft the tumultuous Razoredge Gorge, defend the walls of Tenrock Hold, and sneak along a Forest Path to ambush your enemies in their Forest Camp. Edit and adjust the maps in CC3+ to your own needs. This bonus issue is a free download, you don't need to own the Annual 2015 to use it.

The map pack Battle Map Collection includes

  • 1 3-page content guide
  • 6 high-detail, large-scale example maps (FCW and PNG formats)

Download the Annual 2015 Bonus issue "Battle Map Collection" for CC3 (288.5 Mb, Windows Vista, 7 and 8 user: Download, then right-click and choose "Run as Administrator" to execute)

Download the Annual 2015 Bonus issue "Battle Map Collection" for CC3+ (287.5 Mb)