Cartographer's Annual 2013

The Cartographer's Annual Vol 8

Havenland Sample 1

May ’14

The May issue of the Annual 2014 contains a beautiful overland style by a new contributing artist: Glynn Seal of MonkeyBlood Design. We became aware of his beautiful Havenland set of symbols for overland maps, and luckily Glynn was more than willing to create a set for the Annual.

Havenland Sample 1

The Havenland style is a full overland style with beautiful textures, mountain, tree and structure symbols. The accompanying mapping guide takes you through creating a complete map using all the style's features.

The style pack Havenland includes

  • 2 new template wizard (imperial and metric)
  • 1 new drawing style with 42 drawing tools
  • 115 new symbols in 6 catalogs
  • 16 new bitmap textures
  • 1 example map
  • 1 Symbol reference file
  • 3 new effect settings
  • 1 4-page mapping guide