Cartographer's Annual 2013

The Cartographer's Annual Vol 8

Worthington Historical - Original

July ’14

The July issue of the Annual 2014 presents a new contributing: Steff Worthington. We dubbed the style he created "Worthington Historical" as it is derived of his map of Arthurian Kent and is well suited for creating overview maps of historical or quasi-historical places.

Worthington Historical - Example

The overland style "Worthington Historical" contains a wide variety of new bitmap textures and drawing tools, as well as a catalog of new symbols. A full mapping guide takes you through the process of creating a map in this style, including how to use a real-world map as the basis.

The style pack Worthington Historical includes

  • 1 new drawing style with 40 drawing tools
  • 26 new symbols in 1 catalog
  • 16 new bitmap terrain textures
  • 2 new template wizards (imperial and metric)
  • 2 example maps (FCW and PNG format)
  • 2 new effect settings
  • 1 5-page mapping guide