Cartographer's Annual Vol 8

The Cartographer's Annual Vol 8

Paper Figures: Heroes

February ’14

The February Annual 2014 contains pre-assembled paper figures to use in your games. Created with the new Charcater Artist 3 add-on, a selection of generic heroes is opposed by a wealth of stock monsters. Ready for print and play, the sheets are simple to cut out and assemble.

Paper Figures: Monsters

While Character Artist 3 is not necessary to enjoy this issue, it also contains the CA3 source files. So if you own the add-on, you can quickly create even more variations of the included heroes and monsters.

The map pack Monster and Heroes includes

  • 12 iconic fantasy heroes as portraits and paper standees (FCW, PNG and PDF format)
  • 36 fantasy monster as portraits and paper standes (FCW, PNG and PDF format)
  • 1 5-page mapping guide