Cartographer's Annual 2013

The Cartographer's Annual Vol 7

The Warring Isles

November ’13

We are going back to the roots with the November Annual of 2013, both in terms of CC3 and maps for role-playing games. This month's issue presents a re-working of the standard CC3 overland style into symbols and tools for hex mapping.

The Warring Isles Detail

The Overland CC3 Hex style gives you the symbols and tools to create traditional hex maps quickly and easily. The accompanying mapping guide takes you through the simple process and shows you how to integrate existing CC3 symbols into its hex maps.

The style pack Overland CC3 Hex includes

  • 2 new template wizards (imperial and metric)
  • 53 new hex symbols
  • 55 updated drawing tools
  • 8 updated CC3 symbol catalogs
  • 2 Example maps (FCW and PNG)
  • 1 5-page mapping guide
  • 1 new effect setting