Cartographer's Annual 2013

The Cartographer's Annual Vol 7

Original Example 1

December ’13

The December Annual 2013 brings you another beautiful style inspired by travel guides of the 1930s. Excellently suited to period games like Trail of Cthulhu, the style can be used to create great-looking handouts for your players. Perhaps you even want to hide a clue on the map?

Original Example 2

The style is based on a number of bitmap textures combined with vector drawing tools and symbols. A 5-page mapping guide takes you through the map-creation process step-by-step.

The style pack 1930s Overland Maps includes

  • 2 new template wizards (imperial and metric)
  • 84 new symbols in 6 catalogs
  • 40 new drawing tools
  • 6 new bitmap fill styles
  • 1 Example map (FCW and PNG)
  • 1 Map key part
  • 1 5-page mapping guide
  • 2 new effect settings