Cartographer's Annual Vol 6

The Cartographer's Annual Vol 6

Portsmouth Example

December ’12

The December Annual 2012 brings you another beautiful style by Pär Lindström, the author of one of our earliest and most popular commissioned overland styles (Fantasy Worlds).

Arkham Example

This time Pär has produced artwork very well-suited to mapping smaller regional areas, a type of map that is sometimes a bit under-reprsented in overland styles. With Pär''s symbols and textures you will be creating beautiful maps of your immediate campaign area.

The style pack Pär Lindström's Fantasy Regions includes

  • 2 template wizards (imperial and metric)
  • 45 new drawing tools
  • 88 new symbols in 6 catalogs
  • 22 bitmap fill styles
  • 2 Example maps (FCW, PDF and PNG)
  • 1 4-page mapping guide
  • 2 new effect settings
  • 2 true type fonts