Cartographer’s Annual Vol 5

The Cartographer's Annual Vol 5

Example Treasure Map

October ’11

The October Annual 2011 delivers a new, local-scale overland style geared towards player handouts and treasure maps. Inspired by the archetypical map in Treasure Island drawn by Robert Louis Stevenson himself, it presents a beautiful illustrative style.

Original Treasure Island Map

The accompanying mapping guide gives instructions on how to quickly generate such a map, making generating an urgent player handout for the next game session a snap.

The style pack Treasure Maps includes

  • 1 drawing style with 20 new drawing tools
  • 1 new template wizard
  • 3 new parchment background bitmap fills
  • 38 new symbols in 6 catalogs
  • 3 new hatch styles
  • 1 3-page mapping guide
  • 2 example maps (FCW and PNG)
  • 1 new effect setting