Cartographer’s Annual Vol 5

The Cartographer's Annual Vol 5

Moe's Dive Street Map

November ’11

The November Annual 2011 contains a detailed floorplan and a street map of a versatile adventure location: the seedy bar/tavern/dive located on one of the town's disreputable streets. It can be used for both fantasy and modern settings.

Moe's Dive Location Detail

The included street map shows the immediate neighbourhood of the dive and uses an amalgam of Dungeon Designer and City Designer features to create a street map suitable for use with miniatures. The accompanying template makes creating your own composite street maps painless.

The map pack Moe's Dive includes

  • 2 new template wizard (imperial and metric units)
  • 1 detailed floorplan of the tavern/bar/dive including surrounding sewers (FCW, PNG and PDF versions).
  • 1 detailed street map of the establishments immediate neighbourhood (FCW, PNG and PDF versions).
  • 1 4-page sheets and effects guide
  • 2 new effect settings