Cartographer’s Annual Vol 5

The Cartographer's Annual Vol 5

Example Battlemap with new Symbols

February ’11

The February Annual 2011 a huge collection (more than 1500) of new symbols for use with Dungeon Designer 3 or Symbol Set 2 dungeon maps. Painstakingly created in POV-Ray and then rendered as high-detail png symbols (by CC3 community member Joachim de Ravenbel), they offer many more options for your dungeon maps and floorplans.

Corinthian Columns

The symbols cover new temple and magical colums, pillars, library stacks, shelves, books, alchemical instruments, laboratory equipment, cobwebs, trees, bushes and many more things besides. Two beautiful example floorplans show how the symbols can be used.

The symbol pack Dungeons includes

  • More than 1500 new high-detail png symbols organized in 6 new catalogs
  • Two high-detail example maps, in FCW, PDF and PNG formats
  • A symbol guide and PDF reference sheet for the included symbols

Sample Download

Ruined Temple (A2 pdf, 25mm miniature scale)