Cartographer's Annual 2010

The Cartographer’s Annual Vol 4

Robert Altbauer's Overland Style

September ’10

The September issue of the Annual 2010 brings you two things: a new overland style created with the help of freely available Photoshop brushes of mountains and hills, and the tutorial of how to convert any such brushes available on the web into symbols and catalogs for CC3.

Mountain Symbols from a Photoshop Brush

The overland style is based on a map by fantasy cartographer Robert Altbauer and contains a large number of hill and mountain symbols drawn from free Photoshop brushes posted by the good folks on the Cartographer's Guild.

The tutorial and style pack Photoshop Brushes includes

  • 1 new drawing style
  • 1 new template wizard
  • 186 new symbols in 5 symbol catalogs
  • 40 new drawing tools
  • 1 new effect setting
  • 1 example map (FCW and PNG)
  • 1 new parchment background
  • 1 new filter texture
  • 1 4-page tutorial