Cartographer's Annual 2009

The Cartographer’s Annual Vol 3

Map created with RALONG and SCATTR macros

September ’09

The September Annual brings an in-depth look at the macro capabilities of CC3. In the mapping guide Joachim de Ravenbel takes you through the use of two very powerful macros, one to create realistic-looking mountain ranges and the other to scatter symbols across a selected area. In addition the 19-page macro companion shows you how to modify macros for your own needs and how to write your very own from scratch.

Example map detailed with SCATTR macro

Joachim is an experienced user of the Campaign Cartographer 3 software suite and a frequent contributor on the Profantasy community forum. So if you have any questions concerning the September Annual issue, post them on the forum!

The tool pack Macros in CC3 includes

  • 2 powerful and user-friendly macros for creating mountain ranges and scattered symbol areas
  • 1 8-page mapping guide on the RALONG and SCATTR macros
  • 1 19-page companion guide on how to modify and create macros
  • 15 example maps including intermediate steps for following the mapping guide and companion
  • 1 new true type font
  • 7 pre-assembled collections of symbols for use in different macro styles