Cartographer's Annual 2009

The Cartographer’s Annual Vol 3

Modern Atlas Example

October ’09

The October Annual provides a new overland mapping style, recreating the crisp, clean and informative graphics of modern atlases. Topographic information is displayed though the use of colored contours, rivers are clearly mapped and text labels are added with an eye to excellent readability.

Modern Atlas FT Example

If you own Fractal Terrains Pro, the October Annual will take you through the process of exporting a FT map into the new style, providing the necessary color schemes and export settings. Of course the accompanying mapping guide will show you how to create such maps with or without FT Pro.

The style pack Modern Atlas includes

  • 1 new drawing style
  • 30 new drawing tools
  • 12 new symbols in 1 catalog
  • 2 new template wizards
  • 4 new templates
  • 4 example maps, including an FT map file
  • 1 4-page mapping guide
  • 1 FT Pro color scheme
  • 1 FT Pro export setting
  • 1 CC2 to CC3 conversion setting for converting FT exports