Cartographer's Annual 2009

The Cartographer’s Annual Vol 3

Printed Poster Map

July ’09

The July Annual takes a close look at getting your finished CC3 maps out to the world to enjoy. Be it as a printed poster, a tabletop battlemap, or a bitmap export to display on the web, the "Printing and Exporting Maps" tutorial covers it all.

Pages of a battlemap printed on a A4/Letter printer

The tutorial gives special consideration to using virtual pdf printers. These give you a lot of control and flexibility when handling exports and printing from CC3.

The tutorial pack Printing and Exporting includes

  • 1 8-page in depth tutorial on printing and exporting CC3 maps
  • 3 large-scale example maps, ready to experiment with
  • 7 example exports and pdf prints
  • 1 list of available, free-to-use pdf printers