Cartographer's Annual 2009

The Cartographer’s Annual Vol 3

Fantasy World Map

April ’09

The April issue consists of a beautiful overland mapping style. The bitmap artwork was created by Swedish cartographer Pär Lindström and has been faithfully translated into CC3 to let you draw your own maps in his style.

Fantasy World Map

The style lends itself extremely well to large-scale overland maps, i.e. whole continents and worlds. The accompanying mapping guide takes you through the process of creating such maps.

The style pack Fantasy Worlds includes

  • 1 new overland drawing style
  • 1 four page mapping guide
  • 2 example maps including pdf and png exports
  • 1 new template wizard
  • 89 new symbols contained in 7 new symbol catalogs
  • 58 new drawing tools
  • 9 new bitmap fills
  • 3 new effect settings
  • 1 new master filter and set of catalog settings