Cartographer's Annual 2007

The Cartographer's Annual Vol 2

Star System

October ’08

Ever wanted to have a beautiful size comparison of a star system's planetary bodies? Do you need a chart showing the orbits of a gas giant and its moons? The October Annual comes with the artwork, tools and templates to create beautiful system maps for science fiction games.

Planet Chart

Several different templates, dozens of planet and star symbols and gorgeous bitmap artwork combine to let you create artistic and informational maps. And of course the mandatory mapping guide explains how to put it all together.

The style pack Star Systems includes

  • 3 example maps (with pdf and png exports included)
  • 2 new cosmographer template wizards
  • 4 new cosmographer templates
  • 6 new bitmap fills
  • 2 new bitmap backgrounds
  • 3 new effect settings
  • 110 new bitmap symbols in three catalogs
  • 1 new drawing style
  • 8 new drawing tools
  • 1 3-page mapping guide