Cartographer's Annual 2007

The Cartographer's Annual Vol 2

Pete Fenlon's Original Work

January ’08

The first month of the Cartographer's Annual 2008 is the Pete Fenlon style pack. Among role-players Pete Fenlon is famous for the maps he produced for Iron Crown Enterprise's Middle-Earth Role-Playing campaign and adventure modules. Many of us gaming cartographers have been inspired by his extremely detailed and beautiful cartography.

Pete Fenlon Style Example

Today Pete is Chairman and Studio Director at Mayfair Games and has graciously allowed us to bring you his mapping style as Annual 2008 issue.

The Pete Fenlon style pack lets you create maps reminiscent of his classic rpg maps. And of course it comes with a mapping guide to teach you drawing the maps step by step.

The style pack Pete Fenlon includes

  • 1 4-page pdf Mapping Guide
  • 2 example maps
  • 108 symbols (split over 9 catalogs)
  • 39 drawing tools
  • 2 new forest drawing settings
  • 1 new bitmap
  • 2 effect settings
  • 1 template wizard
  • 1 true type font
  • 1 Pete Fenlon master filter and 7 symbol settings