Cartographer's Annual 2007

The Cartographer’s Annual Vol 2

Pete Fenlon Style Example

The second Cartographer's Annual volume is now available as a complete product. You can buy it here.

The maps, tools and tutorials have been, without exception, packed full of interest and never fail to inspire me to pen more maps. They are also an excellent resource when looking to make the campaign just that bit different and intriguing for the players.
Hope that you can continue to provide such tremendous maps, the standard that you have set yourself so far this year gives you a lot to live up to!

Bill Howard on the Annual 2007
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Monthly Creative Content

Welcome to ProFantasy's Cartographer's Annual - a subscription service providing you with a regular dose of creative content for Campaign Cartographer 3 and its add-ons. Each month the Annual will provide you with something new and special for your mapping endeavors: a mapping style, symbols, a collection of maps, and many other things.

Example Map Annual 2007

Style Packs

CC3's new features make it easy to set up a collection of tools that produce a new and unique style in your maps. The hard part is often coming up with the original idea and design. The Cartographer's Annual aims to produce a wide variety of such styles to give you an out-of-box way to make your maps look fresh and serve as inspiration for your own designs.

Each style pack is accompanied by a mapping guide which tells you how to use the templates, drawing tools and symbols and takes you step-by-step through the creation of an example map in this new style.

Symbol Example


Occasionally, the Cartographer's Annual will provide new symbol sets designed to create a specific type of map or to supplement an existing set.

Example Map Annual 2007

Map Collections

Some types of maps crop up again and again in role-playing games: taverns, caves, small villages and their ilk. The Annual will supply example maps for these that can be quickly adapted to your own needs. They will also include ideas and suggestions for encounters and adventures in those locations.