Cartographer's Annual Vol 1

The Cartographer's Annual Vol 1

Gothic Cathedral

October ’07

The October issue of the Cartographer's Annual features the floorplan of a Gothic cathedral done with the new Symbol Set 2 - Fantasy Floorplans bitmap symbols. The highly detailed map showcases many different sheet effects for shadows and lighting.

Gothic Cathedral

These effect are listed and explained in detail in the accompanying sheet and effects guide. It will be immensely helpful to anyone applying sheets effects to floorplans drawn with Campaign Cartographer and its add-ons.

For larger examples see the Gallery.

The map pack Gothic Cathedral includes:

  • 4-page pdf Sheet and Effects Guide
  • 1 Cathedral floorplan map (fcw, pdf and png format)
  • 7 new drawing tools
  • 4 new SS2A style symbols
  • 1 new effect setting