Cartographer's Annual Vol 1

The Cartographer's Annual Vol 1

Stream and Wagon Tracks

November ’07

The November issue of the Cartographer's Annual features templates and examples for a special type of symbol: Connecting catalogs that allow you to create stretches of symbols like streams, wagon tracks, etc. almost as if you were using a drawing tool. First introduced with the release of Cosmographer Pro, this Annual issue concentrates on using bitmaps and bitmap fills in these catalogs. It features a preview of the capabilities of upcoming City Designer 3.

Brick Walls

The accompaning guide explains how to use the included CC3 and bitmap templates to create your own connecting symbols in whatever format you like: Vector, bitmap fills or full bitmap symbols.

For larger examples see the Gallery.

The symbol pack Connecting Symbols includes:

  • 5-page pdf guide to creating connecting symbols
  • 6 connecting symbol catalogs
  • 88 connecting symbols
  • 3 connecting catalog templates
  • 14 stream bitmaps
  • 14 bitmap templates
  • 2 example maps

More Information

More resources on connecting symbols can be found

  • in the CC3 help files under Connecting Symbols,