Cartographer's Annual Vol 1

The Cartographer's Annual Vol 1

March ’07

The Tendril's Oak Inn

The March issue of the Cartographer's Annual features a multi-level floorplan of the Tendril's Oak Inn done with the new Dungeon Designer 3 features and symbols. The Tendril's Oak Inn is a fully featured adventure location, ready to be plugged into your own role-playing campaign, complete with a set of believable NPCs and a collection of adventure hooks.

The Tendril's Oak Inn

But the floorplan is more than ready-to-print adventure map with accompanying game information. You also get a complete guide to the sheets and effects used in the Dungeon Designer 3 map, enabling you to make the most out of your own DD3 floorplans.

But you do not need to own Dungeon Designer 3 to enjoy the maps; they are also available in pdf and png formats. And the accompanying sheet and effects guide will give you lots of tipps for the use of these features in CC3.

We are also working on a viewer for CC3 and a way to encrypt non-distributable bitmaps with a map. Once these are released, even without DD3 you'll be able to view the maps in their native format.

The map collection Tendril's Oak Inn includes

  • 4 highly-detailed, ready to print floorplans of the inn and its surroundings
  • 1 7-page pdf Location Description including NPCs
  • 1 5-page Sheets and Effects Guide to the maps
  • 4 pdf versions of the floorplans
  • 2 new bitmap fills