Cartographer's Annual Vol 1

The Cartographer's Annual Vol 1

Blue Dungeon

December ’07

The December issue of the Cartographer's Annual looks at the complete process of creating a new drawing style, from choosing a style to emulate to creating templates, symbols and drawing tools. Having gone through the whole thing several times this year, we will now share with CC3 users how an Annual issue gets created.

Blue Dungeon

As an example we will recreate old-school dungeon maps from some of the very first role-playing adventures. Each step is explained in detail for subscribers to follow along.

Joe Bardales created a varicolor version of the simple Dungeon Catalaog included with Dungeon Designer. It matches the example style in this issue very well and comes with the december download. You can also download it directly here: Joe Bardales' simple varicolor symbol catalog.

For larger examples see the Gallery.

The Annual issue How to Create a Drawing Style includes:

  • 5-page pdf guide to creating your own mapping styles
  • Example style-pack "Old-school Dungeon Maps"
  • 1 template wizard
  • 2 example maps (fcw, pdf and png format)
  • 2 new symbol catalogs
  • 40 new dungeon symbols